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Suzhou Mashi Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. Update

Source: Mashi Intelligent Technology | Author: Mashi Intelligent Technology | Published:2020-08-07

Suzhou ma shi tong intelligent technology co., LTD., founded in 2021, is located with the water painting, painting in midtown, gardens in suzhou city, the company was founded at the beginning of the main JUKI brand placement machine equipment sales, to achieve the goal of the company have been developing steadily, ma shi tong company on the one hand, improve the overall quality, at the same time actively to expand the product SMT peripheral equipment, Integrating the advantages of products, so that the company from the simple sales of SMT machine gradually developed to provide a full set of SMT equipment and production solutions and fully automated intelligent industry line for our customers.

To achieve the goal of improving efficiency and reducing cost with all-round solutions, so as to obtain a win-win situation for customers and the company.

The company's main products: SMT machine, special-shaped insert machine, dispensing machine, intelligent storage system and spare parts and technical services.

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