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Guangdong Mashi Automation Equipment Co., LTD. Update

Source: Mashi Intelligent Technology | Author: Mashi Intelligent Technology | Published:2020-08-07

Guangdong Mashi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established by high-level talents in Shenzhen. It is mainly engaged in the independent research and development of automatic precision high-speed dispensing, intelligent coating equipment, and screw lock and pay equipment. It is committed to the integrated solutions of unmanned, unmanned, automatic and intelligent large-scale manufacturing industry. Is a collection of R & D, production, sales, service in one of the high precision special equipment manufacturer.

The company has gathered a group of professional and technical personnel who pursue excellence and dare to explore. With more than one doctor, master graduate student as the core of technical team, long-term commitment to SMT/EMS, instruments and meters, medical machinery, industrial automation and intelligent topics such as research and development, combined with industry experience in senior engineering team, uphold the principle of complementary advantages, mutual benefit, ma shi automation long-term close cooperation with customers, for customers to improve yield, efficiency, Save manpower and other aspects to provide a complete set of solutions and comprehensive supporting special equipment has accumulated a lot of successful experience.

To achieve the goal of improving efficiency and reducing cost with all-round solutions, so as to obtain a win-win situation for customers and the company.

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